With damage coverage valid throughout the national territory, hiring high insurance guarantees more tranquility and security. When you hire this service with an insurance company, you take the risk in its place, in the case of financial losses caused by accidents, thefts or thefts of vehicles that grow every day in the country.

There are different types of coverage offered, from the most basic items, such as theft and theft coverage, to the most complete policies with 24-hour service, tire change, extra car, payment of damages to third parties, etc. If you use the vehicle as a means of work, for example, insurance can help maintain your source of income, as the insurer can make an extra car available for use while yours is out of circulation.

Car Auto Insurance

The value of contracting the service will be determined by several factors such as the model and year of manufacture of the vehicle, sex, and age of the driver, city, and neighborhood, frequency of use, among others. We have listed for you the main advantages and benefits that can convince you to adopt insurance for your vehicle.


Having auto insurance is synonymous with tranquility and security when you know that in possible situations of thefts, thefts, and accidents you will not be able to bear alone that loss that can represent a big unexpected break in the budget. If something happens, to the extent permitted by the policy, the insurer is responsible for assuming the damages.


In addition to basic coverage, the additional items of the policy offer convenience and practicality, as they cover a wide variety of items ranging from the guarantee of care throughout the national territory, indemnity, and assistance to victims in accidents and payment of losses to third parties involved in claims caused by the insured.

24-hour assistance

Another advantage is the possibility of being able to count on 24 hours assistance in cases of mechanical failure, dry failure, and tire change, for example. In addition to the winch, insurance can be activated to provide assistance in most emergency cases. In most insurance companies, 24-hour assistance is considered a benefit, but there are companies that consider assistance as a separate cover.


Did you know that if the loss exceeds 75% of the contract value, the insured is 100% refunded? If in an accident your car shows a total loss, for example, the insurance will pay the full amount of it in the FIPE table so that you can buy another one. This is also valid for third party vehicles if provided for in your policy, which can save you a lot of headaches.


Theft protection

Our first item was security, but with the increase in the number of thefts and thefts of vehicles in the country, especially in large cities, it is important that you know that the insured who cannot recover the car subtracted by theft or robbery will have 100% of the value reimbursed by the insurer. This guarantee is a great advantage for those who hire the service, especially for those who use the car as the main means of getting around on a daily basis.